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Stands for "Musical Instrument Digital Interface." Recorded with keyboards and synthesizers, MIDI files are basically text documents, so they take up very little disk space. Use as background music to your web pages...

Free Midi Sounds

  •   Add sound to your webpage...
    Add "midi" sound titles with a midi sound source code found here...

  •  Top 10 free classical midi songs - Top 10 free classical midi song downloads @

  •  Children's song midis - Children's songs lyrics, midis, and printouts.

  •  Christmas song midis - High-quality Christmas song midi files. Many of the popular songs you know and love from "The 12 Days of Christmas" to "White Christmas". Here's some jazz arrangement midis for Christmas and many more classic midi themes. They make great background music to your holiday party gathering.

    From AC-DC to ZZ Top, you'll find a number of quality free midis here. All listed in alphabetical order to make your search quick and easy.

    Top 50 free midi song downloads @

    Free MIDI File Database MIDI Music & Karaoke Song Files Downloads. See the top five current midis in Rock, Pop, Country, Punk, Rap and Dance of the month.

  •  MIDI search engine
    Let MIDI Explorer find your files.

    Nicely organized midi song site with over 7,000 titles to choose from. categories include Artists / Bands, National Anthems, Movies, Seasonal and TV Themes

  • - free Beatles midi song files...
    A nice collection of free Beatles midi song titles. Included are a_day_in_the_life.mid, abbey_road_medley.mid, come_together.mid and many more popular fav's... or is it fab's=)

    A large database of free rock themed midi song titles to choose from...

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