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A wav sound is the format for storing sound in files developed jointly by Microsoft and IBM. Support for WAV files was built into Windows 95 making it the de facto standard for sound on PCs. WAV sound files end with a .wav extension and can be played by nearly all Windows applications that support sound. Find Commercial WAV sound files, Cartoon sound files, Movie sound files, Sound effect WAV files and more...

Free Wav Sounds

  •  Add wav sounds
    Instructions on adding wav sounds to your webpage.

  •  Amazingsounds
    You will find all kinds of WAV files. Their database has more than 1.000 WAV Sounds for you to download, FREE!! Natural sounds (weather), human sounds, entertainment sounds and more.

  •  Animal Sounds
    A nice collection of free animal sound effects @

  •  Answering Machine Messages - Free Downloads

  •  Cartoon Wav Sounds
    Selection of free cartoon wav sound files @

    Holiday wav files, Computer events (buddy in, buddy out), movies, SOUND EFFECTS, television sound files and more.

    Commercial WAV sound files, Sound effect WAV files and more...

    SoundAmerica has partnered with to bring you over 175,000 sound effects, loops, instrument sounds, pre-cleared music tracks and more...

    The Movie Wavs Page... A compilation of popular movie sound wavs.

  •  Sound utilites
    Free sound utilities @

  •  The Looney Tunes SoundSource
    Looks like the last update was in 2002, but still a nice collection of most of your favorite Looney Tune characters...

    Personal collection of sounds mostly in WAV format. The-Ocean is celebrating it's 6th year of being a great supplier of sounds to all you netziens. Author inspired to make this page one in which people may come and find the sounds they want.

    Currently in the process of migrating all of their sound files to MP3 format.

    Touted as the source for internet sound files. Over 5,000 free wav sounds files to choose from. Sounds files include movies, movie stars and television wavs.

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